Monday, 21 September 2015

Graduation Night '15

Methodist Girls' School, Ipoh's Graduation Night on September 18, a very remarkable night indeed. A few weeks ago I thought of skipping it by taking an exam on that day because I really didn't feel like going at all. I thought it was a waste of money, time and energy. I gotta say, I was wrong. If I skipped it, I wouldn't have been able to see the amazing transformations that everyone has made.

My class, 5S4, spent about a week preparing and practising for the presentation for that one special night. Of course, there were some ups and downs during the week. But, anyway, we became integrated at last. Since our theme was 'Glamorous Gatsby', we decided to start the presentation off with waltz and singing. I was in charge of singing 'Like I'm Gonna Lose You' by Meghan Trainor and John Legend with my friend, Esther. We and the guitarist, Krychell, did quite well during the practice but sadly, the real performance didn't turn out that well because the guitar was not in tune and we couldn't catch the right key. Then it was followed by modern dances by my other classmates. The dances were much better.

That's me at behind and on the right with a black gown.

Couple of the night - Amanda and Saroop.

Right on that day when I just stepped out from the car, I was astonished by everyone in the lobby. Everyone was beautiful and mostly unrecognisable. Most of us were wearing black (Don't ask, I have no idea why).


When the time everyone was so excited about has come, I was unexpectedly chosen to be one of the candidates for being the grad queen of the year a.k.a. Gatsby Queen. The first trial was to describe ourselves. I simply answered, "Irreplaceable (lol)." And surprisingly, I passed the trial. The following trial was to show our talents. I chose beatboxing and singing. Then, KABOOM! I failed the trial (I'm fine. Really, I am.). But, for the third trial, my dearest princess, Samantha, was chosen! I was thinking, "Oh my goodness, yes!!!" That brought me unspeakable joy and excitement. The third trial was to choose a question at random to answer. My sweetheart surprised me with such boldness in speaking! She was my desk mate last year so I know how timid she was speaking in front of the class. But, now that she was speaking in front of everyone from the school with such boldness and I couldn't help but stood in awe and cheered like an idiot down there. I am so proud of you, Sam! I love you. :')

I think this was taken when I was beatboxing. Yes, in a black gown.

Sweetie catwalking.

Speaking with massive boldness.

I was hoping that she could be the grad queen but, no, she wasn't chosen to be it. The grad queen turned out to my be classmate, Saroop. She's a lovely girl.

And that's her catwalking.

Look at the way my principal, Datin Mungit looks at her. Priceless.

Well, I'm not gonna say no to the result. It's fair to me. Saroop is indeed beautiful, elegant and most importantly, humble. The result isn't disappointing although Sam didn't get to be the grad queen. At least, she got the third place and I have no words to describe how happy I am for her. She is always the queen and princess in my heart.

After the night, I finally went home. Now was the worst part of the night; removing my makeup. Ah, it took me really long to remove the makeup. When I swiped the swab down, I noticed how cake-y my face was. The makeup was really thick. But, I didn't really want to remove the makeup because it was my very first time doing heavy makeup by myself and I actually succeeded. I was quite impressed by my own makeup skills (I still am. Hahaha). Much thanks to Michelle Phan for sharing the makeup tutorial of Gatsby 1920s Flapper Girl.

Before and after removing the makeup.

Though it was really tiring and it took so much of my time to prepare myself for this night, it was totally worth it. Thank you so much to the people in charge for making it happen. It made me realise how time flies. Indeed an eye-opening and splendid event it was.

Here are some of the photos taken on that day:

That's me and my class monitor, Chi Yi.

Top 5 finalists: Sam, Vinesh, Wei Shen, Chi Yi and Saroop

A friend since primary school, Ruby, and I.

Loo selfie with Yun Chi.

Clasmate of the year, Amanda, and I.

Desk mate of the year, Nab, and I.

Desk mate of 2014, Sam, and I.
No, I'm not short. She's just tall.


Chi Yi, followed by Vinesh and Saroop.

Part of my squad.

Top row: Karesh, Carmen, Wana, Nora, Vash, me, Yun Chi
Bottom row: Lesh, Kart

Yun Chi, Kart, Wana, Vash, me and Nora.

Ultimate squad - Batch of '98 babes of MGS.

Thank God for my friends and school!